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Planetary (Armouring) Wire and Cable

Photo of a Planetary (Armouring) Wire and Cable Machine

Usage and Applications:

The machines are used for stranding, armouring and laying-up wire and cables with planetary gearing for bobbins up to 630 mm supported by bearings or, on under-rollers, up to 3,000 mm.

Main characteristics:

The field-proven planetary machine can be used in many different applications:

The machine, which is supported on bearings, is of a modern design, for bobbins up to 630mm. The under-rollers design is used when the size of the cage requires a distributed system of supports. Different technical solutions are applied on the basic machine, but always with the target of robust, reliable and operator-friendly construction.

Specific configurations include fixed and variable backtwist to suit the application. We manufactures different cradle designs to suit customer applications: Closed Cradle, Open Cradle (Trunnion supported), Fork Type. Total back-twist is provided by the simple and reliable detorsion ring. It is also possible to work in torsion, as typical for armouring with steel flat wires.

Partial back-twist is also possible, using a separate motor and transmission with pulleys and belts, for the production of strands and ropes. The modular design allows for different sizes and numbers of bobbins.