SwissLine Technologies

Extrusion tooling
Screws, Barrels, Crossheads, Tips and Dies


Screw sizes range from 12.7 mm (0.5”) to 150 mm (6”) for single screw. Screws, including smooth and groove feed designs, can be customized for all specific applications for wire and cable extrusion industry.

Our barrier screw technologies are known worldwide for consistently higher output rates, process stability, venting and devolatilization capabilities, distributive and dispersive mixing properties, and minimized polymer degradation.

Photo of Screws - Extrusion Tooling


We design and built one piece Barrels ranging in bore size from 12.7 mm (0.5”) to 150 mm (6”) diameter and up to 4,500 mm (175”) long.

Our alloys provide dramatically enhanced abrasion and corrosion resistance to barrels operating under severe conditions. The barrels are nitrided for high wear and corrosion resistance.

Photo of Barrels - Extrusion Tooling


Photo of Crossheads - Extrusion Tooling

Tooling (Tips and Dies):

The Tooling (Tips and Dies) is designed and manufactured in order to meet the highest requirements regarding the quality of all the wire and cables to be produced. As materials, we are using hardened steel and different insertions requested by the Customer.

Photo of finished Tips and Dies - Extrusion Tooling
Drawing of Tipes and Dies - Extrusion Tooling